A journey to better

We all come from different zones but meet in places where we cannot or may not flaunt our differences inasmuch as they shape our lives. Yet the happenings of our lives cannot be denied and in our solitude, the good or bad that our environment instilled in us comes alive.

So how do I live life yet my memories are littered with dark memories of yesterday? How do I put my best foot forward yet the happenings of yesterday cloud my vision? Please teach me how to make past yesterday’s ghosts and live a normal life.

Staring at the pews in this dim lit cathedral, I wish a ray of light could fill the altar, as a sign that all will be fine. Kneeling, I whisper a prayer that my childhood will get better and I will play without care like the children I see in the neighbourhood. The nightmares have got lighter, but the pain is that I have not got the relief I expected from this building.

Drawing closer to my Maker, at least the best way I could has brought a lot peace in my life. Behind me are the ghosts that had become a skin to me, the ponderings and worries are less and questions are getting answered. Finally, I feel a bit normal. It sure feels good.

Oh indeed, the company you keep matters a lot. Speaking to God on a daily basis is better than running to woods for relief or walking into a cathedral in search for answers. I have and continue to speak to Him and I feel better. I guess I have found a new and true friend. My life is more colourful and good things are indeed happening.

Children have needs too, deep ones at that. Therefore, introducing them to having conversations with the Father is not strange. After all, He is the friend that sticks closer than a brother.


I will not keep hidden the scars of yesterday yet I will not dwell on them. For tomorrow holds a promise so grand that dwelling in my yesterday is not alluring.

I will not imagine the pain yesterday held did not pierce my heart. Yet I will not keep hidden the enthusiasm that I have for what today holds. For the present is the best gift I have and I will not waste it in the name of holding a pity party.

The birth pangs that stood in the way of your coming, my sweet child were so bad. Yet unhidden is the joy that you have brought into my life. You are a blessing from the Father. A sure joy to have.

Each day holds a lot of uncertainty but I refuse to dwell on that and let the mystery it holds and the blessings slid away. I am hidden under His wings, and so should you my dear child. There is joy in knowing He holds our future in His hands

A friend

Sticking closer than a brother

As a baby,

He desires to play with you,

You are all he has.

As a child,

You ought to be dependable,

That is good enough.

It is not just about providing,

It is that hug,

The peck,

Taking time to listen to them,

It makes a lot of difference.

Be there,

A sure pillar,

Be their friend.

Make the right choice

We have a choice to love, to hold onto faith, but also to be mean, unfair and all that. So what will you use your choice to do today?

But as you put your foot forward, remember that actions have reactions. So sow good seeds, you will harvest fruits you desire to eat.

Say ‘Hello’ to that lonely child, give a smile to the sad boy, give a pat on the back to the disappointed classmate. Even when they have nothing to offer you, do it. For it makes you a better person and spreads joy to those in need of it.

Sweet child, never tire of doing good, even when all you get is wrong or a blank stare. Do good because you desire good too.

The home I desire

Proverbs 22:6 ESV

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Home, her heart ached, as she thought about her parents and siblings, the games they played, and times shared. Away, miles from home, Amy longed to return to her cradle.

The thought about returning filled Stan with such dread that he wished time would stall. The shouts and lashes that his father meted on him were so real, the pain was raw, even today. How he longed the holidays were not near, as school had created a haven for him.

Emily, a shy and quiet girl was one that seemed to live in her own bubble. But this 15 year old had once been bubbly, playful and cheerful until disaster struck. “One night, my uncle raped me and swore me to silence lest he killed me. Scared for my life and unsure of how and who to tell, I kept the dark secret. Unknown to me, it was the start of several dark nights for me.” Emily has been raped for 5 years now and hates home thus asking to go to the boarding section to escape the horror which resurfaces every holiday.

Phil comes from a very big family, with cousins, uncles, and aunts. The joy of sharing chores, meals and play time cannot be explained. “Some times, we do not have enough but it is all bliss because we always work towards all of us getting something. I have learned not to be selfish and to be thankful for everything.” For this total orphan, life should have become bleak because moving to the village from a plush town life made him wish he had perished with his parents in that accident that claimed their lives. However, the joys of togetherness, and big family cannot be traded for another.

As a parent, we have the role of making home a cradle for our children for charity begins at home. A dirty well does not produce clean water, likewise, you cannot expect good to come out of a child raised in a wrong environment. Empower them to be better by being a great example to them and making their environment child friendly.

He turns regrets into restoration

Joel 2:25 – And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.

Getting that child out of wedlock gnawed at Gwyneth’s conscience like a viral disease. Regret filled her life, it became her new nature. How was she to face her parents with such news? Did this mean that school was behind her and becoming a lawyer was lost to her.

Carrying her pregnancy, abortion seemed to be the only option yet her faith did not allow her to carry on with it. Nine months of pain, rejection, uncertainty, she did not know when it would all be behind her. And yet, she lived through it all.

Then on that Monday morning, all by herself, save for hospital staff, she brought forth a girl that stole her heart. “My pain and regret melted suddenly. This was God smiling at me and saying, “I got your back. Just take care of her for me.” I felt whole after months of emptiness.”

Destiny helpers helped her clear her bills, and every day from then on was one that tickled or triggered her faith. “I held on for her. It was just the two of us with God watching over us. It was not rosy but worth going through each day, knowing that the Father has our back.”

Today, 12 years after Naomi came into Gwyneth’s life, regret has turned into restoration. “Had I gone on with getting rid of her, I would never live with myself. I would also have missed the joy that Naomi has brought to my life.”

We all make mistakes, but the choice to learn from them or allow them to sweep us under is on us. Prov 24:16 (for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again, but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes.) gives us hope that by His Grace we can arise.

While we cannot trivialize mistakes yet we can own up. That way we show our children an incredible example of responsibility in the midst of storms.

Giving hope, being that hope

Hebrews 6:19 (NIV)
We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

Looking at how she started out, Reyna showed no promise for tomorrow. There was nothing about her that spoke of good things to come. From poor grades, disheveled hair at any hour of the day, she was a total mess. And yet, she never gave up on life.

Did she have hope for tomorrow? I can’t tell. Did she something we didn’t, who can tell? But a rugged smile, she wore, even when ridiculed. Oh, it made one even more infuriated.

Looking back, Reyna lived, not because others willed but she did. Even when odds were thrown her way, the chubby, usually shabbily dressed girl moved on. Never holding a grudge or looking for a chance to revenge.

Today, Reyna has gone back to the very children that she looked like, 20 years ago. Not as a failure but an encouragement to them that no man but a God holds their lives and sets their destinies. Speaking with enthusiasm that was lost to us back then, she urges them to look beyond people’s expectations and set some for themselves. She puts these children on a course that no one offered her as she grew up.

Are you inspiring a child to be better or digging a hole for them to sink in? Are you teaching your child to stand up for others or treat them like prey.

You can be the change you desire to see🌹

Facing all with joy

Her face,

His face,

Washed with tears,

Grief, a constant mask,

Cheer up, my child,

The faces we wear

Should portray some gratitude,

For the many small things we usually ignore.

Facing every battle with triumph before it starts,

Rejoicing at every challenge because it is a stepping stone,

We win, no matter what,

We celebrate even when there is no trophy at hand.

For ours is a sure victory,

Ours a predetermined result,

For when said, “It is finished”,

So was it for us,

So regardless of the outlook of things,

We win.

Dust them feet, then, my child,

And with shoulders high, walk,

For it is done,

So smile,

And wipe the tears from your face.

Things I pray for…

I pray that more children will smile today, that someone will wipe their tears away, that someone will give a hungry child something to eat, that they will play to their fill yet not fall or bruise themselves.

I pray that more men and women will become responsible for the children they have brought into this world. Never leaving the responsibility of nurturing and raising those angels to another or whoever cares.

I pray that I will, one action at a time, make the world a better place for these angels. Ohhhhh, that they will thrive and soar to greater heights.

Father, in Jesus’ name, may this be so.

To Peace and Pride- a poem.

To Peace and Pride Souls seek to make right the wrong, by the resetting of the mind, and the relearning to be kind… the steps of healing… will be …

To Peace and Pride- a poem.